Enrique Castellón

Enrique Castellón is currently Director at the Board of Directors of ROVI Pharmaceutical Laboratories, and Vice President of the Coruña Medical Association. He was secretary of State of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs (1996-2000). Within his responsibilities lied the Instituto de Salud  Carlos III, headquarter of the Fund of Health Research of the Social Security (FISS). From this position he promoted the National Centre of Cancer Research (CNIO) and the National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC). In 1998 he created the Spanish Drug Agency of which and was its Executive President until 2000. He has also been Executive President of the National Institute for Consumer Affairs. Chief Executive Officer of the Galician Health Service (1991-1995) and Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services of Madrid region (1995-1996). He has previously worked as an associate physician in the Internal Medicine Department of the Clinic Hospital of San Carlos in Madrid. In 1986 he joined the Medical Inspectors Authority of the Social Security assuming the responsibility of the Health planning of the National Institute of Health (INSALUD of La Coruña).